Future Climate for Africa


Future Climate for Africa is a continent wide climate change research project funded by DFID. We have been working closely with their communications team from its inception. We helped them develop a brand identity and have over the last 4 years taken that into many mediums and applications. We designed, develop and help manage their website www.futureclimateafrica.org. We have designed a organogram poster, an information brochure, multiple reports and are currently designing printed materials for them for COP23.

We have a strong ongoing relationship, consistently bringing value to their purpose.


Design a Logo

Design Brand


Design and develop website

Design brochure

Design poster

Design report

Project management


When designing this brand we referenced typical temperature indications for climate mapping. We combined these colours with map type contours to reference the combination of location and the scientific nature of the brand.

Participants Poster

When the client approached us to design an organigram for this 200 person collaboration we threw all notions of typical depictions of this kind of data out the window and designed something that would stand out, communicate well and well just be awesome. By the responses we have got from this graphic we think we achieved that result.