SNV World approached us to create an educational video to help the local dairy farmers in Uganda understand the impacts of climate change and what they can do to mitigate their risks. We created a beautiful animation styled with the target audience in mind. We were given a 60 page document which we had to base the animation on and distil down to the key points and message.

We managed the entire process from script writing, to animation and voice over. Within the tight timeframe the end product exceeded our clients expectations and delivered the impact they were looking for.


Voice over recording
Project Management

Our Process

We received a 60-page report which we first distilled down to 2 pages. From there we wrote the script as the anchor for the animation timing and sequence. Once approved we set about sketching a storyboard to plan the visualisation of the script. We also created look and feel illustrations for the client to sign off on. Simultaneously we recorded the voiceover to which we brought all the elements to life in the animation process. This particular animation was illustrated by hand.